We need to understand her Endo !

“I was stressed after i was diagnosed with endo, i started reading about it later “

says Samantha, a sufferer of endometriosis.

Women with endometriosis enter a  different phase of life named “depression”

There is 1 out of 10 women suffering from endometriosis according to the study. Moreover, research shows that the diagnosis of endometriosis takes like forever. That is around 7 to 10 years of time that diagnosis takes for women to be declared suffering from endo. Reasons for delayed diagnosis are because of various other complicated findings of this disease, including the main one that is lack of knowledge about the disease even most of the doctors aren’t aware of it. (health, n.a)

This delayed diagnosis adds to 24/7 of pain that women go through during this condition, which further leads to an effect on the mental health of women. That can result in depression and anxiety of women.

Dr. Pandelis Athanasias, a gynaecologist at the London Women’s Centre. Says that “Women with endometriosis are at risk of developing anxiety or depression caused by the symptoms of the disease, but also because of the length of time until the diagnosis is established” (Femedic, 2017`).

“As such,” Dr. Pan delis continues, “many women feel exhausted from not being listened to or believed whilst also dealing with debilitating pain that affects every aspect of their daily activities. In addition, sex is painful and trying to conceive naturally can be an issue. The symptoms can lead to frustration, sadness, anger, and fear” (Femedic, 2017`).

Women suffering from endo, her feelings may be affected by the:

  • length of time women have had symptoms
  • the time it has taken for a diagnosis to be made
  • the way women are told about the diagnosis
  • information women got when she was diagnosed
  • symptoms one has
  • treatment options available
  • type of personality
  • life situation
  • people available to support
  • social and cultural background one come from and live in
  • impact of the disease on one’s lifestyle, her socializing and her plans for the future.

(health, n.a)


Why Depression hits women with endometriosis?

The study suggests that women suffering from the pain of endometriosis mostly loose there a normal way of living. They suffer through the pain of it that reminds them that they are the survivors. Adding to it, some women feel devastated with the diagnosis of endometriosis and after knowing that it causes infertility in women. Chronic pain generally adds up to the stress of it. (Federica Facchin, n.a)


How different minds of different women handle depression because of endometriosis?

One may say that all women who are affected by the disease may experience a certain degree of disruption due to the common features of living with endometriosis, a challenge for any woman. However, the endometriosis histories of distressed participants were characterized by an intense experience of disruption that involved a dramatic rupture in multiple domains of their lives: everyday normal activities, including work; plans for the future; intimate and interpersonal relationships; a sense of identity (Federica Facchin, n.a).


Some women feel dominated by that disease and feel disruptions in their day to day life whereas some women start living with it and try to live life in a different way so that nothing is disrupted. (Federica Facchin, n.a)



Reason women with endometriosis get depression and/or anxiety:

  • taking a long time to receive a diagnosis
  • coming to terms with the diagnosis
  • changes to your lifestyle
  • dealing with chronic pain and other symptoms
  • hormonal treatments, which can affect mood and emotional wellbeing
  • unsuccessful treatments and recurrences that require ongoing treatments
  • dealing with the possibility of infertility or being infertile
  • lack of support/understanding
  • financial problems, such as taking time off work for surgery, treatment costs

(health, n.a)


Keeping all these situations of a women going under a lot of pain and trying her best to survive through the situation and dealing with day to day chores of life, closed ones must take care of her. Doctor’s suggest to deal with a patient of depression his/her closed one’s should deal with a person more carefully and provide him/her more love and care and understand his/her feelings to empower them.


Endo surely leads to stress but it is up to people around that superwoman dealing with stress and pain at the same time, how they take care of her.



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