Fertility and Endometriosis

A woman’s power in nature is to give birth to a new life (child). This is compromised sometimes if a woman suffers from some reproductive disease. This above quote is by women also a celebrity who suffers through endometriosis.

A study suggests that Endometriosis sometimes can lead to infertility in women. Adding to it, research shows that, it’s not necessary that women suffering through endo are infertile. It is just some women suffering from it. There have been cases when women have been diagnosed with endo before they conceived or even delivered healthy babies. (Hailes, n,a)

Freezing their female eggs is a concern for women suffering from endo, as no women want to stay infertile. The modern-day techniques in the medical field have developed to freeze eggs for future conceiving moreover surrogacy techniques have been introduced for planning future.

To improve fertility in women an operation is performed named Laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery using a thin telescope with a light inserted through a small cut in the belly button to look into the pelvis) that helps to reduce symptoms and improve fertility in women by removing endometriotic patches, implants, cysts, nodules and adhesions by cutting them out (excision) or burning them known as diathermy. (fertility, 2017)

About 30% of women with endometriosis have trouble getting pregnant. It is thought that the reasons are related to:

  • scarring of the tubes and ovaries from endometriosis
  • problems with the quality of the egg
  • problems with the embryo traveling down the tube and implanting in the wall of the uterus due to damage from endometriosis
  • change of the organs in the pelvis such as adhesions with scarred pelvic tissue and blockage of the fallopian tubes

(Hailes, n,a)


Some women with endo feel very stressed and pressurized to have children in hurry to increase there the chance of having babies. One may feel overwhelmed as she might not be ready for having children.S some women don’t have a partner to conceive for pregnancy. Sometimes it’s the partner of women who might not be ready to have children. Women with endo at a young age might not think of having children but might want to have one in the future. That is where egg freezing comes in (Hailes, n, a) (fertility, 2017).

The question arises, what If the ovary is damaged?

Will that leads to Impaired egg production or ovulation—or none. And research shows that fertility treatments like that of ovarian stimulation can’t always help, once the condition has progressed. Additionally, while surgical treatment of endometriosis offers long-term pain relief, studies show that it may actually reduce ovarian reserve  (and therefore fertility) by inadvertently removing healthy ovarian tissue or cutting off blood supply to the ovary. (fertility, 2017)

That’s where egg freezing comes in. Because endometriosis puts women at risk of ovarian damage, women who look for future pregnancies but are not ready at the moment they are diagnosed with endo.They are the one best preferred by doctors for fertility-preserving techniques, like egg freezing. (fertility, 2017)


Other women may be ready to have children but can’t get pregnant and as a result have feelings of frustration, hopelessness and may be more prone to depression. (Hailes, n,a)

It is often during investigations to see why you are not getting pregnant that the diagnosis of endometriosis is made. In 30% of women who are having difficulty becoming pregnant, endometriosis is the cause. So any distress over trying to get pregnant may be increased by the stress and shock of the diagnosis of endometriosis. (fertility, 2017)

Talking to a doctor, counselor or psychologist can help women with endo to cope with these stress and help her to decide what to do next.

Dr. Orbuch suggests that freezing eggs for women with endo is a best option to be considered because of above discusses various physical and emotional factors. This is not at all harmful process and he suggests it as best because ovarian damage can lead to infertility. Freezing eggs is best suggested for future pregnancies. (fertility, 2017)


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