Social Media Plan

Blogs and Twitter are the effortless social networks that are used to produce and update its content to reach a large number of the audience (Funk 2013). This means that social media networks have played a pivotal role in disseminating the content. Therefore, blog, Instagram and Twitter will be fully utilized as the interactive platforms to reach out to the target audience throughout this project.

This project entitled EndoTalk will be beneficial for women in terms of raising public awareness, sharing inspirational stories and wide-ranging recommendations or resolutions from experts about endometriosis via a variety of means on social media platforms.

It is worth noting that having a clear social media plan can help boost the productivity and lead to a successful marketing campaign. Hoffman et al. (2016) pointed out that some marketers have commonly made a mistake by implementing a social media platform without having a proper strategic plan. Therefore, we have done some research about this before selecting what type of social platforms, target audience and focused content in our strategy. For instance, a hashtag #EndoTalk will be used as one of the main tools to attract the target audience’s attention and to promote vital messages. This will help the audience easily find the content and engage in this particular topic discussion.

In addition to that, as planned, useful information and activities related to endometriosis will be posted and shared on Twitter, Instagram and Blog at least more than twice per week for the whole semester to ensure the available content can be reached to the mass target audience. In addition to this, an infographic animation video, 1-minute vox-pop and mini video will be produced as a final production of this project. This will enable the audience to receive up-to-date information about this undiscussed topic ‘endometriosis’ and forge connections with people from all different walks of life. EndoTalk will further capitalize on the growing audience of the social media pages through the engagement of the audience.

Blog: Publish a blog post covering different main issues to provide the audience with an overview of current situations of endometriosis. The audience will be aware of plenty of information from different angles. The overall information related to concept, research, timeline, production plan will be posted on this blog.

Twitter: Follow relevant influencers. Tweet the content from every blog post or an opinion poll question at least three times per week. The weekly post will be disseminated through the messages combined with static photos and video. A hashtag is mainly used. To begin with, the first tweet will be about some activities behind the scene along with an interactive caption and a short-animated video as a trailer.

Instagram:  Follow relevant influencers. The creative and innovative content will be posted daily with a hashtag (#). A 1-minute Voxpop of “what is endometriosis?” will be produced and shared widely on this social platform. A clip of the interview with women who have experience with endometriosis will be edited into short clips and posted on this page. An interactive discussion will be promoted through a comment, like and share.

Type of content

Articles: Sharing interesting articles/news related to endo

Picture/Video: The content of a mini-documentary, Voxpop, animated infographic videos or other relevant content of the project.


Funk, T 2013, Advanced social media marketing, Berkeley, CA: Apress. Available from: SpringerLink eBooks.

Hoffman, E., Khanfar, N.M., Harrington, C. & Kizer, L.E. 2016, ‘The Lasting Effects Of Social Media Trends On Advertising’, Journal of Business & Economics Research (Online), vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 75. Available from: ProQuest Central.

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